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Relational Discipleship

This area is at the heart of what it means to be a church. We want relational discipleship to be the primary paradigm for following Jesus rather than the prevaling paradigm of "going to church." Relational Discipleship involves drawing others to Christ and His church through personal relationships, helping them grow in their faith and live for Him.


Leader: Dwayne Curry


Vital Worship

Worship is the declaration of God's worth. It is first and foremost directed to God. Vital (lively and life-giving) worship is sincerely and genuinely directed to God. It is prayer-driven, Scripture-informed, and Spirit-filled. While true worship is pleasing to God, it is also edifying and uplifting to his people. Our gathering on Sundays should be a celebration of what God is doing in us and through us throughout the week.


Leader: Shawn Turner


Community Outreach

Community outreach involves reaching out and impacting lives that are outside our regular church family. It is any ministry that has a significant element that focuses on reaching out and ministering to those outside the "four walls" of WCC in the Knoxville area. The ultimate purpose of community outreach is to help others seek and follow Jesus.


Leader: Philip Eubanks


Next Generation

As a church we are always one generation from extinction. We want to do whatever it takes to pass our faith on to the next generation, maintaining relevance in nurturing our children, youth and young adults in Christ.


Leader: Sam Darden